The Creative Cooking, Conscious Eating and Yoga Retreat with Jiva Healing was simply amazing. First of all, Rebecca provided excellent instructions on getting to the retreat and I made it there early (even with the jet lag coming from Arizona, USA). Probably the best thing was the food. Such a large variety of deliciousness made from all vegan ingredients. Even now I’m attempting to make some of the meals today. Another great thing was the yoga, we had morning and evening sessions that were perfect for energy and relaxation. It was just enough to be challenging and Jemima, the yoga teacher, made every effort to be accommodating for all body types. My last comment is the company. We were a small group of 10 people from all varieties of life. I was made to feel comfortable within a day of being there. I truly wish that the retreat had gone on longer. I had planned my vacation for a weekend at the retreat and then 5 days in London. I now wish that it had been 5 days of retreat and 2 days in London! I’m looking forward to saving up for the next retreat with Jiva Healing. Namaste and Thank you Rebecca, Jemima, and everyone else!

Dr. Scott Daniel
Postdoctoral Researcher, Tucson, Arizona

I hoped that my week of fasting would leave me rested, relaxed and full of ideas about even better ways to eat. It did so in spades. When I got home to London I felt brilliant, better than I can ever remember. The staff at Jiva that week were fantastic, each with their particular skills, expertise, and manner, making up an excellent team. I would say that anyone who is stressed and really feels like they need a break, while knowing that regular holidays just don’t deliver, should definitely go and juice fast for a week. For some people I know and love, I wouldn’t just recommend it, I’d prescribe it.

Patrick Hawkins

The Jiva retreat that I attended was run in a very supportive environment by experienced, enthusiastic, and informed people with true conviction about what they do. Invest a week of your time and reap the benefits for years to come. I loved it and I will definitely do it again.

Jo Walker
Hexham, Northumberland

And here is a great testimonial from Jo Twohill who came on our recent Goa retreat:

“This was my very first experience at juice fasting and being away on a retreat detoxing body and mind.

Well… where can I start… Firstly, I DID IT!!!! It was the most amazing experience. Definitely to be repeated as the health benefits are just SO REWARDING!
I arrived in Goa feeling stressed from London life, tired, puffy and bloated with aching joints. By the end of the week I was the most relaxed I’ve been in years. Happy, as I was feeling slimmer, mentally stronger and much more energized. I had a wonderful feeling on the last session of yoga when I saw how much more mobile and free my joints were…. no aches!!

I cannot recommend this enough! It kick starts you into a wonderful new world of health and well-being. You’re fantastically looked after on the retreat, there’s so much support while going through the detoxing process. You also meet wonderful new friends. ENJOY, I did!”

Jo Twohill

Having never fasted before, I arrived at Jiva Healing focused on having a bit of a holiday and thinking if I got some benefits from the fasting along the way, it would be a bonus.

The setting was wonderful and the staff were friendly and inviting. The daily nutrition and sustainability courses created a framework that really supported work that we were doing for ourselves during our week there and in the weeks following the retreat. Between the yoga classes, massage, and other therapies there were plenty of things to do and I found myself looking forward to each following day with more enthusiasm than the one before.

By the end of the week I was well and truly a changed man. From the inside out I had lost weight, and felt both mentally and physically cleaner, lighter, brighter, and more vibrant. My Chiropractor had even witnessed positive changes in my spine and nervous system as a direct result of the fast. Much of what was learned at the retreat I have taken away and integrated into my daily life. I’m now living a much more sustainable, happier, healthier, and energetic lifestyle than I would ever have thought possible before my week at Jiva Healing! I couldn’t recommend a more effective way to kick-start a new outlook on nutrition, health and wellbeing that produces real, sustainable results that can last a lifetime.

Steve Pasek

I find to fast periodically to be physically liberating and mentally profound, and Jiva Healing was both experiences. Jiva Healing created a structure to the day with classes on nutrition and sustainability. This was informative and ensured that you had some rational reasons as to why you were doing the fast and offered strong routes of understanding to continue when back in the comfort of your own home and surrounded by your old habits.

It had all the aspects of an amazing holiday sun, sea, good company, some learning, laughing, relaxing, lots of sleep.just no food! I came home bounding with energy and raring to go, looking and feeling great. It is definitely worth it. A totally indulgent treat just for you.

Lizzie Dekkers

It was the greatest experience I have ever felt. When we made the ‘Circle of Angels’, so much knowingness and emotion welled up inside me, I actually expoded with tears of love. I have never felt so deep a connection with anyone of my closest family or friends before. In fact, I have not felt so deeply touched since.

I would come back to Jiva Healing. I can’t wait in fact. Originally, all I wanted was to drop some fat from having my kids. I certainly am not religious, a vegetarian, or even an environmentally friendly person. Horrible as that was, now that I know better (thanks to the education from Jiva Healing), I am on a quest to live up to my own personal potential now.

Words just don’t express how a person thinks, but what I want to instill is that fasting is a healer. I had never missed a meal in my life (and it showed), until I came to Jiva Healing. Oddly enough, my hunger came from excess. I was empty, and fasting made me full again.

When I left I felt like people must when they climb Mt. Everest or something. It was such an accomplishment, and so easy too. It’s amazing how simple life becomes when temptation is taken away. The whole experience was incredibly well planned out, and the staff could not be more friendly and inspiring.

Jennifer Debrye

A truly wonderful and self-indulgent experience! The Jiva Healing team help you to detox your body and your mind from the inside out. The week itself was the beginning of a journey to help me achieve a better balance in my life. I defy anyone who attends not to come home feeling rejuvenated and motivated, ready to take on new challenges and a new way of life. Rebecca, Mel and the team make everyone feel like one big family – I have taken part in the juice fasting week twice now and I intend to keep coming back. In fact, it makes me feel emotional just thinking about it all again. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and time. You guys are great xxxx

Sharon Moses

Wow what a feeling! I wasn’t sure how much I was going to get out of a week of drinking nothing but juices, green drinks and clear broths, but as I said on my way home, “I have never felt this good!”

I really did find out a lot about my health and happiness, and I have used a lot of the practical methods we learnt during the week to keep myself off caffeine, wheat and dairy. Believe me I never would have thought that possible!

I would advise everyone I know to take a break and go on one of Jiva’s retreats with an open mind and open ears. You won’t regret it and it might just save your life!

Robert Brigham

Curious to find out what effect doing a detox could have on my body, combined with the desire to visit Goa in 2009, landed me quite fortunately on the Jiva Healing website.

What a difference 6 days have made! For me it has been life changing. Gone are days of constant tiredness, a side effect I have carried for over 10 years as he result of a long-term illness. Five weeks on I still have a marked difference in my energy level; I feel more alert with the added bonus of been 5 kilos lighter – yes that is just from 6 days of living off juices. I was amazed how easy it was.

Goa and the JIva Healing team were the perfect combination – Rebecca was extremely supportive and attentive to everyone of us throughout the week. Goa was simply the perfect place to be in order to fully detox and unwind the body, mind and soul. Everyone should have the opportunity to give it a go, after all, it’s only a week!

Hema Maisuria

he difference with a Jiva Healing retreat and various others that I have attended, is that at Jiva, there is a real family vibe. I met so many wonderful people, people who in my day-to-day life I would probably never know. It was amazing how such a lovely group of people came together, and I made some very special connections.

The program is very thorough and the staff is like a collective of mothers, ready to help at anytime.

Often, during fasting, I prefer to be alone, which is also possible in the chosen locations.
Whatever you want (apart from food!) is never far on these retreats: love, new friends, yoga, better health and maybe even a little mothering if you feel the need.

Rowan Blades

I’m a retreat junkie and having been on on very many retreats in my time I can honestly say Jiva Healing is THE BEST. Rebecca finds the most beautiful venues (Goa, UK, Turkey) and takes care to choose the best yoga teachers and body workers so you can come away from the retreat feeling detoxed, refreshed, nourished and inspired on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have gone on several different retreats with Jiva Healing over the past 15 years and all of them have been fantastic.

The latest retreat I attended was no exception – at a magical venue, The Old Rectory in Chulmleigh, Devon, set in beautiful grounds and which has a sauna, swimming pool, tennis court, great local walks – and a purpose-built lovely, light-filled yoga space for twice daily practice and meditation. I wouldn’t usually retreat in the UK on account of the unreliable weather and somewhat higher prices but this is great value – and this house is special; the fact it has a sauna and pool swung it for me. Definitely will be back!

Geraldine B.

A fabulous retreat! I felt completely looked after during the retreat. Rebecca and her team held a very chilled space. The juices were lovely and I especially enjoyed the evening broth as we all got time to sit and spend time together as a group around the lovely dinner table. The yoga was amazing Jed was very knowledgeable and I loved her music. The venue was also great, beautiful grounds, a perfect place to retreat. All in all I had a wonderful, chilled few days. I will be back.

Dawn T.

I would just like to say a huge thank you for the juice retreat last month. I enjoyed every minute, met some wonderful people and left feeling invigorated and healthy. The yoga sessions were wonderful, so enlightening and educational.

The food we had on the first day when we arrived was exceptional and the juices and broths were really tasty and satisfying. The gorgeous house and surrounding countryside was blissful and relaxing. All in all it was a wonderful all round experience and I will definitely be coming again.

Thanks also for all the wonderful inspirational talks and useful information.

See you again soon.

Louise D.

Fasting feels like the new indulgence! I arrived, tired, foggy and full of the burden of life. I left not just physically lighter and brighter, but the big bonus of the fast is the mental and emotional clarity that I got from it. The combination of the physical energy and mental fluidity make it a magical way to reignite life passions.

I have been on several retreats with Jiva healing spanning 12 years. Rebecca and her team have a real attention to detail and are all very warm and welcoming. For me it was a complete inner and outer reset.

I’d love to make it an annual feature of my calendar.

Lizzie D.