Curious to find out what effect doing a detox could have on my body, combined with the desire to visit Goa in 2009, landed me quite fortunately on the Jiva Healing website.

What a difference 6 days have made! For me it has been life changing. Gone are days of constant tiredness, a side effect I have carried for over 10 years as he result of a long-term illness. Five weeks on I still have a marked difference in my energy level; I feel more alert with the added bonus of been 5 kilos lighter – yes that is just from 6 days of living off juices. I was amazed how easy it was.

Goa and the JIva Healing team were the perfect combination – Rebecca was extremely supportive and attentive to everyone of us throughout the week. Goa was simply the perfect place to be in order to fully detox and unwind the body, mind and soul. Everyone should have the opportunity to give it a go, after all, it’s only a week!