It was the greatest experience I have ever felt. When we made the ‘Circle of Angels’, so much knowingness and emotion welled up inside me, I actually expoded with tears of love. I have never felt so deep a connection with anyone of my closest family or friends before. In fact, I have not felt so deeply touched since.

I would come back to Jiva Healing. I can’t wait in fact. Originally, all I wanted was to drop some fat from having my kids. I certainly am not religious, a vegetarian, or even an environmentally friendly person. Horrible as that was, now that I know better (thanks to the education from Jiva Healing), I am on a quest to live up to my own personal potential now.

Words just don’t express how a person thinks, but what I want to instill is that fasting is a healer. I had never missed a meal in my life (and it showed), until I came to Jiva Healing. Oddly enough, my hunger came from excess. I was empty, and fasting made me full again.

When I left I felt like people must when they climb Mt. Everest or something. It was such an accomplishment, and so easy too. It’s amazing how simple life becomes when temptation is taken away. The whole experience was incredibly well planned out, and the staff could not be more friendly and inspiring.