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We run a number of wellbeing retreats throughout the year at different locations around the world. These courses focus on cleansing and relaxing the body, mind and soul through practice of yoga, healthy eating, meditation, massage and fasting. There are two types of detox program on offer:

Our Juice Fasting Detox Program helps you to cleanse and purify the body and mind, eliminating toxins that have stored up in your cells from a lifetime of bad habits. You will take part in daily yoga and nutrition classes and practice meditation. Professional and experienced nutrition advisors and massage therapists will be on hand for personal consultations and relaxing treatments to support you throughout the fasting process.

Our Healthy Eating Detox Program involves drinking fresh juices and other fluids, and eating a light vegan diet designed to provide optimum nutrition with food that is light and easy on the digestive system. The retreat involves daily yoga classes, and kitchen workshops with the opportunity to learn about how to prepare delicious and healthy dishes. This retreat also includes classes on nutrition and healthy eating, and meditation.

Our Fitness and Healthy Eating Program includes walking, cycling, or interval training, doing circuits, Box fit classes, strength and resistance training and yoga practice. This is not army training style training and you will be supported by professional fitness trainers, yoga teachers and nutrition experts. Workshops on nutrition and healthy eating are included, as well as maasges. During the break you will cut out toxins, meat and dairy to give your digestion a break. Food will be delicious, healthy and abundant.

The retreats we are currently running are listed in the table below. Click on a particular retreat for more information. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a place.

Email:, Tel: +44 7813 200123

Date Retreat Price
1-5 October 2014 Juice Fasting and Detoxification Retreat at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre in Lavenham, Suffolk

Single room with ensuite bathroom - £950 per person

Single room with shared bathroom - £750 per person

Shared room with shared bathroom- £550 per person

Non-residential (not staying at the retreat) - £400 per person

17-19 October 2014 Creative Cooking, Consicous Eating and Yoga Retreat, Littleton Mill, Wiltshire Single room with ensuite bathroom - £425

Single room with shared bathroom- £375

Shared room with shared bathroom - £275

Non-residential (not staying at the Mill) - £220

30 November - 7 December 2014 Juice Fasting Retreats Goa, India Single room - £675

Shared room - £475

8-15 March 2015 Juice Fasting Retreats Goa, India Single room - £675

Shared room - £475

15-23 June 2015 Juice Fasting and Healthy Eating Retreats, Faralya Hotel, South-west Turkey

Air conditioned seaview room - 790 per person

Air conditioned room - 760 per person

Non air conditioned room - 720 per person

The shared price for any of these rooms is 670 per person


contact us by email-, or phone: Melissa Kendall (UK) +44 7813 200123